David J. Thompson CPA, CA, Tax Lawyer

Tax Litigation & Tax Dispute Resolution


  • Tax Audits - Representation, Support & Negotiation
  • Notices of Objection (Income Tax and GST/HST)
  • Tax Court appeals
  • ​Voluntary Disclosures

- Has CRA sent you an assessment that you disagree with?  

- Have you failed to disclose income or foreign bank accounts?

- Have you claimed expenses, credits or allowances you weren't entitled to?  

Call me.  I work with clients to resolve  income tax and GST/HST disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency. I am an experienced tax lawyer and a retired Chartered Professional Accountant.  I represent and defend you during the course of a tax audit, respond to proposed reassessments on your behalf, and appeal reassessments after they are issued by the CRA.  

Your taxes are personal, your situation is unique.  Let me analyze the circumstances of your case and determine with you the appropriate response to the CRA having regard to the issues, the facts, and most importantly, the estimated costs you can expect.