Useful Documents

CRA Consent Form - Individual - Giving Authorization to David J. Thompson

CRA Consent Form - Business - Giving Authorization to David J. Thompson

T400A - Notice of Objection - Income Tax 

GST159 - Notice of Objection - GST/HST

GST20 - Reporting Period Election

GST25 - Election Between Closely Related Corporations and Canadian Partnerships

GST44 - Election re Acquisition of a Business

GST60 - GST-HST Return for Acquisition of Real Property

GST74 - Election and Revocation of an Election to Use the Quick Method of Accounting

GST145 - Waiver in Respect of the Period for Assessment

GST469 - Direct Deposit Request

IC00-1R3 - Voluntary Disclosure Information Circular

IC07-1  - Taxpayer Relief Provisions

RC1b - Payroll Number registration_fillable

RC145 - Deregister Accounts_Fillable

RC199 - Taxpayer Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

T1-ADJ_T1 Adjustment Request-Fillable


Useful Websites

GST/HST Registry
The GST/HST Registry lets you validate the GST/HST number of a business.

CRA Publications
You can search for and download most CRA income tax and GST/HST publications from this site.

CRA Charities Register
Check this site to confirm that the "charity" you are considering is legitimate.

How to Appeal a GST/HST assessment
See this site for information on how to appeal a GST/HST assessment.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
Access court decisions and legislation across Canada from this site.

Tax Court of Canada website
Access judgments, hearing schedules and information about appeals to the Tax Court of Canada here



Tax Court Videos
YouTube videos outlining the Tax Court hearing process