Fiscal Arbitrators - Continued

I previously wrote about a tax recovery scheme organized by a group called Fiscal Arbitrators ( click here ).  The fallout from this scheme continues, with devastating impact on those individuals who were duped by these promotors.  In a decision released on December 2, 2013, the Tax Court upheld penalty assessments against 7 individuals who were convinced to file false business loss claims.  The penalties apply even to those who didn't receive a refund from the government, but merely applied for one.

CRA Reorganization in London-Windsor

Those of us practicing in and near London who have had the need or occasion to deal the federal tax department have over the years seen it change from the Department of National Revenue, to Revenue Canada, to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, to the Canada Revenue Agency. 

The Best Personal Scanner You Can Buy

The Best Personal Scanner You Can Buy

Ontario lawyers Donna Neff and Victoria Starr wrote in 2010 in a presentation to the Law Society of Upper Canada Solo and Small Firm Conference:

In case you are not already convinced of the enormous and varied benefits of going paperless, perhaps a brief review of some of the advantages is in order before we get into the nuts and bolts:

CRA Interest Rates Rise

All CRA interest rates are rising by 1% in the 4th quarter of 2013 - click HERE

A Gift - Taxable as Employment Income

The Tax Court's decision in Shaw (2013 TCC 256) demonstrates the breadth of the employment income rules

Fiscal Arbitrators Fallout Continues

A group or organization called "Fiscal Arbitrators" has duped hundreds, if not more, taxpayers into filing false business loss claims, based on the promise of the refund of past taxes overpaid "in error".

Legal Privilege & the Canada Revenue Agency

The CRA may, under ss. 231.2(1) of the Income Tax Act, require any person requesting information for any pu

CRA Can't Be Relied On

You want to know in advance how a transaction will be taxed, so you ask the CRA.  Or perhaps the CRA reviews your business and there is a dispute, but you reach a written settlement.  Unfortunately, that is not always the end of the story.  

Tax Technical Amendments Become Law

Legislation (known most recently as Bill C-48) to implement various tax proposals, some dating back more than ten years, received Royal Assent on June 26.  The bill contains almost 1,000 pages of income tax legislation and touches on many disparate areas of the tax law.  

Tax Preparer Penalties Upheld

Preparer penalties of $564,747 assessed by CRA against a lawyer have been upheld by the Federal Court of Appeal in the recent Guindon decision, following an appeal by CRA from the Tax Court which had found in favour of the lawy


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